How To Call Using Private Number Vodacom

How To Call Using Private Number Vodacom

Welcome to today's topic, How to Call Using Private Number Vodacom. This article is for Vodacom users who would like to hide their identities when making calls. Sometimes, it's necessary for us to make private calls, either for security or personal reasons. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to make calls using private numbers on Vodacom.

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  1. What is a Private Number?
  2. How to Make Private Calls on Vodacom
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  3. Important Tips to Remember
  4. Conclusion

What is a Private Number?

A Private number, also known as caller ID blocking, is a feature that allows you to hide your phone number from the recipient's device when making calls. When using this feature, the receiver will only see a message "Private Number" or "No Caller ID" displayed on their screen.

How to Make Private Calls on Vodacom

To make private calls on Vodacom, follow these steps:

Step 1:

First, ensure that you have enabled 'Show My Caller ID' on your Vodacom line. To do this, go to your phone settings, select 'Phone', then 'Show My Caller ID', and turn it on.

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Step 2:

Dial '#31#' before the recipient's phone number. For instance, to call a friend whose number is 0723456789, dial #31#0723456789. The process is the same for both postpaid and prepaid Vodacom subscribers.

Step 3:

After dialing the code, wait for the recipient to answer the call. Your identity will remain hidden throughout the call unless you choose to reveal it later.

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Important Tips to Remember

Here are some crucial points to consider when using private calls on Vodacom:

  • Beware of Scam Calls: Some people may use this feature to execute scams or harass others. Ensure that you use the feature for legitimate purposes only.
  • Not Compatible with Some Systems: Private calls may not work with emergency services, voicemail, or other systems that require caller identification. Therefore, use the feature responsibly.
  • Charges Apply: Vodacom charges standard call rates for private calls just like other regular calls.
  • Per Call Basis: It's essential to note that you have to activate the private call feature for each call you make. If you forget to dial the code, your phone number will be displayed on the recipient's screen.


Caller ID blocking is an excellent feature that enables Vodacom subscribers to make private calls. However, the feature must be used responsibly to avoid scams, harassment, and other unethical activities. By following our guide, you can now make private calls on your Vodacom line without any difficulty. Remember to activate the feature for each call and be cautious when making private calls.

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