How To Upload Documents At Wits

How To Upload Documents At Wits

Welcome to Wits University – a world-class institution of higher learning in South Africa. As a student or staff member at Wits, you will often need to upload various documents to different portals. In this guide, we will take you through the process of uploading documents at Wits.

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  1. Logging in to the portal
  2. Uploading documents to the portal
    1. The filename matters
  3. Finalizing the upload
  4. In conclusion

Logging in to the portal

The first step in uploading documents is to log in to the relevant portal. This could be the Student Self Service portal or the Staff Self Service portal depending on whether you are a student or staff member.

Once you get to the portal website, enter your login details and sign in to your account. If you are having trouble logging in, contact the IT department for assistance.

Uploading documents to the portal

The next step is to navigate to the specific page where you can upload the document. This could be the application page or the course registration page. Once you find the upload section, follow the instructions provided to upload the document.

Ensure that you have the correct document type and file format. Some portals may only accept PDFs or JPEGs, while others may also accept Word documents. It is vital to adhere to the specific instructions for the portal you are using. Also, ensure that the file size is within the required range. Files that are too large may fail to upload or take a long time to upload.

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The filename matters

Before attempting to upload the document, give it a descriptive filename. This will make it easier to organize and locate the document later on. A descriptive filename should include relevant details such as the document type, the author, and the date. For example, a course registration form could have a filename such as “CourseRegistrationForm_JaneDoe_08072021.pdf”.

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Finalizing the upload

After successfully uploading the document, ensure that it has been successfully uploaded. This could be indicated by a pop-up message or a notification on the portal. You may also be required to confirm the upload by submitting a form or ticking a checkbox.

If you encounter any errors during the upload process or if the document fails to upload, contact the IT department or the relevant support team immediately.

In conclusion

Uploading documents at Wits can be a straightforward and seamless process if you follow the guidelines provided on the portal. Always remember to give your document a descriptive filename, use the recommended file format, and ensure that the file size is within the specified limit. If you encounter any problems during the upload process, contact the IT department for assistance.

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