How Are Matric Results Calculated

How Are Matric Results Calculated

Matric Results Calculation is the process of determining the final result of students who appear for the High School Board exams. Every year, millions of students in many countries around the world undergo this test to graduate from high school. The results of these exams play a crucial role in determining a student's future and career path. Therefore, it's crucial to understand how these results are calculated so that students can prepare well.

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  1. Components of Matric Results Calculation
    1. Internal Assessments
    2. Practical Examinations
    3. External Examinations
  2. Calculating the Final Result
  3. Conclusion

Components of Matric Results Calculation

Matric Results Calculation is not a straightforward process. It comprises several components that work together to produce the final result. The following are the principal components:

Internal Assessments

Internal Assessments play a significant role in determining the final result of the matric exam. It includes the student's academic performance throughout the academic year. The performance of the student is based on their class attendance, homework, class tests, and project work. All this work is considered while determining the final result. The weightage of the internal assessment may differ according to the subject and the Board of Education.

Practical Examinations

The Practical Examinations are conducted to assess the theoretical knowledge of a student in practical situations. These Exams mainly take place for science and engineering subjects. Practical Exams are considered important as they test a student's laboratory skills and how well they can apply their theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

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External Examinations

The External Examinations are the written-based examination and the most critical aspect of matric results calculation process. It comprises papers from various subjects, and each paper contains different questions which the student must answer. The Exam board is responsible for preparing the question papers, evaluating the student's answer scripts, and declaring the final result. The weightage of external exams varies from subject to subject, and it is significant in determining the final results.

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Calculating the Final Result

The final result of the Matric Exams is calculated after considering all the components mentioned above. Each component contributes to the final mark of a student. The weightage of each component depends on the Board of Education and the subject. The percentage of each component will be added up to get the final result. The following formula is the general formula used to calculate the final score:

Final score= Internal Assessment (IA) + Practical Exam (if applicable) + External Examination (EE)


Matric Results Calculation can be a complicated process for students, but understanding its components and importance will help them to prepare well. It's crucial to take every examination seriously and focus on all the elements that contribute to the final score of the student. With proper preparation and dedication, every student can ace their matric exams and build a bright future.

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