How Did Mpura And Killer Die

How Did Mpura And Killer Die

In the recent past, the South African music industry was shaken by the untimely deaths of two rising Amapiano stars, Mpura and Killer Kau. The young talents were involved in a tragic car accident which claimed their lives and left two others injured. Many South Africans and music lovers worldwide mourned their demise and have been inquisitive about the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

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  1. The Incident
  2. The Victims
    1. Mpura
    2. Killer Kau
  3. The Aftermath
  4. Conclusion

The Incident

The unfortunate event took place on the night of the 8th of August 2021, along the N4 road near Rustenburg, North West. Mpura, Killer Kau, and a few friends were on their way back from a gig when their car collided head-on with another vehicle.

The Victims

The accident claimed the lives of Mpura and Killer Kau, who were both known for their energetic performances and hits such as 'Umsebenzi Wethu' and 'Tholukuthi Hey.'

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Mpura, whose real name was Siboniso Shozi, was a talented vocalist born in Kwamashu, Durban. He rose to fame in 2020 after the release of the hit song 'Umsebenzi Wethu' by Busta 929 and Mpura ft. Zuma, Mr. JazziQ, Lady Du and Reece Madlisa. Mpura featured on several other Amapiano tracks, gaining the respect and admiration of many in the industry.

Killer Kau

Killer Kau, whose real name was Sakhile Hlatshwayo, was a talented rapper and dancer. He became famous after going viral with his hit song 'Tholukuthi Hey' in 2017. He had since then released several other hits, collaborated with other artists in the industry, and was known for his high-energy performances on stage.

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The Aftermath

The news of their deaths sent shockwaves across the South African music industry and beyond, with many people taking to social media to express their condolences to the families and friends of the deceased. Their families have been mourning the loss of their loved ones in private, while the music industry has paid tribute to them in various ways.


The deaths of Mpura and Killer Kau were a great loss to the Amapiano music genre, one of the fastest-growing music industries in South Africa. Their talent, creativity, and passion for music will always be remembered by their fans and everyone else who loved their work. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

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