How Many Subjects To Pass Matric

How Many Subjects To Pass Matric

Matriculation is an important phase of every student's life, where they gain a basic understanding of a wide range of subjects. Students generally work very hard during their matriculation because their future endeavors depend upon their results. Every matriculation student aims to pass with flying colors, but the question arises, "how many subjects are necessary to pass matric?"

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  1. Passing Criteria for Matric:
  2. Importance of English:
  3. Mathematics and Science:
    1. Conclusion:

Passing Criteria for Matric:

The passing criteria for matriculation exams usually vary depending on the educational board. However, most of the boards require students to pass at least five mandatory subjects including English, Mathematics, and Science with a certain percentage such as 33% or 40% individually.

Furthermore, many educational boards give the facility of choosing optional subjects. The number of optional subjects and their weightage on the overall percentage vary from board to board. Some boards let students choose 2 optional subjects while others let them choose up to 4 subjects. The final marks sheet shows the percentage of both mandatory and optional subjects combined.

Importance of English:

English is one of the five mandatory subjects in every educational board in Pakistan. It is a common question among students whether passing English is important or not. The answer is a definite yes. English is not only a mandatory subject, but it is also the most essential subject in practical life.

English is the language of communication and is a requirement for anyone to compete in an international market. Many Pakistani students learn English as a second language, but it is necessary to excel in all subjects, including English, to reach the desired goals and succeed in their professional careers. Therefore, students must take English very seriously.

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Mathematics and Science:

Mathematics and science are the other two mandatory subjects besides English. Mathematics is a subject that plays a vital role in every field of life. Its concepts and formulas are frequently used in fields like engineering, finance, and computer science. Students who aim to pursue a career in these fields must have a strong grip on mathematics.

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Science, on the other hand, holds equal importance. It is a subject that helps students understand the natural and physical world around them. It covers several subtopics like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which open up a vast range of career opportunities.


In conclusion, every matriculation student must pass all five mandatory subjects that include English, Mathematics, and Science. For students who want to excel in a particular field in the future, must incorporate optional subjects in their curriculum. But it is essential to focus on the mandatory subject's first and try to achieve good grades in them. This will not only give students the right mindset and a better understanding of subjects but also help them skyrocket their careers.

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