How Much Do Metro Police Earn In South Africa

How Much Do Metro Police Earn In South Africa

In South Africa, the metro police force is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of citizens in the cities. They play a vital role in maintaining law and order and require a particular set of skills and qualifications to be able to do their jobs effectively.

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  1. What is Metro Police?
  2. Qualifications Required
  3. Salary Scale
  4. Benefits and Remuneration Packages
  5. Job Opportunities
  6. The Importance of Metro Police
    1. Conclusion

What is Metro Police?

Metro Police can be defined as a specialized force that falls under the South African Police Service (SAPS). They operate in the cities around South Africa and are specialized in dealing with urban crime and traffic-related matters.

Qualifications Required

Before becoming a metro police officer, one must have completed grade 12 and have a valid driver's license. Additionally, candidates must pass a physical fitness test, medical evaluation, and criminal background check.

Salary Scale

Metro police officers' salaries in South Africa vary depending on their rank and years of experience. Generally, the starting salary for a metro police officer is around R150,000 per annum, and this can increase up to R450,000 per annum for a senior officer.

Benefits and Remuneration Packages

Metro police personnel are entitled to several benefits, such as medical aid, pension, and housing subsidy. They also receive a 13th cheque (bonus) at the end of the year, which is usually equal to one month's salary.

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Job Opportunities

Metro police departments typically have vacancies every year, but job opportunities can be limited depending on the number of candidates the department is planning to hire. One can usually find job postings on the department's website or through local newspapers.

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The Importance of Metro Police

The existence of the metro police force is crucial in maintaining law and order in urban areas. Metro police officers work closely with their communities to promote safety and security, reducing crime rates and maintaining traffic flow.


Metro police officers in South Africa play a significant role in keeping the cities safe and secure. They require a unique set of skills and qualifications, and their salaries and benefits packages are commensurate with their level of responsibility.

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