How Much Do Prep Pills Cost In South Africa

How Much Do Prep Pills Cost In South Africa

Prep pills have become increasingly popular in South Africa as a way to prevent the transmission of HIV. However, many people are curious about the costs associated with these pills.

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  1. What are Prep Pills?
  2. How Much Do Prep Pills Cost in South Africa?
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What are Prep Pills?

Prep pills, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, are a type of medication taken by people at high risk of contracting HIV. The medication, typically in the form of a daily pill, works to prevent the virus from taking hold and spreading throughout the body.

How Much Do Prep Pills Cost in South Africa?

Prep pills can be costly for those without health insurance. In South Africa, the medication can range from R200 to R2500 per month, depending on the brand and dosage. It is important to note that some medical aids do cover the cost of Prep, but not all.

Brand Options

There are different brands of Prep pills available in South Africa, with varying prices. Some of the most common brands include:

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  • Truvada: This brand is one of the most widely used Prep medications and can cost anywhere from R1500 to R2000 per month.
  • Ricovir EM: This brand is a cheaper alternative but is still effective in preventing HIV transmission. It can cost around R350 to R400 per month.
  • Teno-Em: This brand is a combination of two medications and is often prescribed for those who experience side effects from Truvada. It can cost around R950 per month.
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It is important to speak to a healthcare provider about which brand of Prep pills are right for your specific needs and HIV risk factors.


Prep pills are available in South Africa through most pharmacies and healthcare providers. However, because of the cost of the medication, some people may have difficulty accessing it. Some non-profit organizations may offer subsidies or assistance programs to help people access Prep pills.


Prep pills can be an effective way to prevent HIV transmission, but they can also be costly. It is important to consider both the brand and availability when making a decision about which Prep pill is right for you. As always, consult with a medical professional to determine the best course of action for your specific needs.

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