How Much Does A Iphone 6 Cost

How Much Does A Iphone 6 Cost

When Apple released the iPhone 6 back in 2014, it became the company's flagship device for millions around the world. As the phone matured, many consumers were eager to know just how much an iPhone 6 really costs. In this post, we'll discuss the different factors that go into the price of an iPhone 6, the device's features as well as where to find the good deals.

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  1. What Factors Determine the Cost of an iPhone 6?
  2. Key Features of the iPhone 6
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    2. iOS
    3. Camera
    4. Battery Life
    5. Touch ID
  3. How Much is an iPhone 6?
    1. Places to Get Cheap iPhone 6 Deals
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What Factors Determine the Cost of an iPhone 6?

When Apple releases an iPhone, the company takes into account several factors to determine the price of the device. These factors usually include:

  • The technology used in the device
  • R & D costs (Research and Development)
  • Production costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Storage capacity
  • Geographical location

The technology used in the iPhone 6 is beyond just the SIM card and RAM technology—Apple focused on creating a device that looks sleek and current. This technology drives up the cost of production.

The cost of R & D when creating a new iPhone is often high, as the company aims to deliver an innovative and unique product to the market.

The cost of producing the iPhone 6 is another factor that goes into determining the cost. This includes manufacturing the phone's hardware, software, and other components.

Marketing costs also contribute a great deal to the total cost of an iPhone 6. Apple invests heavily in marketing its products which adds to the overall cost of the device.

Storage capacity is another key factor in determining the cost of the iPhone 6. The higher the storage capacity a device has, the more expensive it tends to become.

Finally, geographic location has a role to play in the overall cost of the iPhone 6. Devices sold in countries with higher taxes tend to cost more compared to those without taxes.

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Key Features of the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 features many exciting tools and specifications that help to make it a popular device among users. These features include:

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The iPhone 6 has a unique and sleek design, making it one of the most beautiful smartphones on the market. Its curved edges and 4.7-inch screen make it a comfortable device to hold in the hand.


The iPhone 6 is equipped with iOS 8, giving users access to various applications, iMessage, iCloud, and many other features.


The iPhone 6 has an 8-megapixel camera equipped with phase detection autofocus technology that makes it perfect for taking amazing photos.

Battery Life

The iPhone 6 has a smooth battery life. The phone can last up to 14 hours while still functioning at the maximum performance level.

Touch ID

The iPhone 6 comes with Touch ID, a feature that helps to keep the phone secure by adding an additional layer of security using fingerprint scanning.

How Much is an iPhone 6?

The cost of an iPhone 6 is dependent on several factors including its condition, storage capacity, and the location of the sale. Generally, you can buy a new iPhone 6 for a price ranging from $199 to $399. However, if you want to purchase a refurbished or a pre-owned device, you can find the iPhone 6 for as low as $80-$150.

Places to Get Cheap iPhone 6 Deals

If you are looking to purchase an iPhone 6 without spending a fortune, there are several places that offer the device at a cheap price. These include:

  • Amazon: One of the most popular online retailers, Amazon sells refurbished or pre-owned iPhone 6 at a significantly lower price compared to other outlets
  • eBay: A go-to for many tech-savvy people, eBay offers discounted prices for pre-owned iPhone 6
  • Best Buy: This electronics retailer offers sales and discounts on the iPhone 6, making it more affordable for individuals on a budget
  • Target: This store also sells iPhone 6 smartphones at a discounted price, giving consumers a chance to own an Apple device without breaking the bank.


The iPhone 6 is a popular device thanks to its quality features, design, and sleekness. However, it comes with a cost that's borderline expensive for most people. The good news is, there are several ways to purchase an iPhone 6, regardless of your budget. You can either choose to buy a new one, or better still, purchase a refurbished or pre-owned device to save some extra cash.

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