How Much Does A Tesla Cost In South Africa

How Much Does A Tesla Cost In South Africa

Tesla is a global name that has taken the automotive industry by storm with their futuristic electric cars. In South Africa, Tesla vehicles were first introduced in 2016 with the establishment of a dealership in Cape Town. Since then, the brand has made some strides in the South African market, with many people wondering how much it costs to own a Tesla in South Africa.

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  1. Available Models in South Africa
  2. Tesla Model S
  3. Tesla Model X
  4. Tesla Model 3
  5. Tesla Model Y
  6. Charging and Running Costs
  7. Final Thoughts

Available Models in South Africa

Presently, Tesla has four models available in South Africa, including:

  • Tesla Model S – luxury sedan
  • Tesla Model X – luxury SUV
  • Tesla Model 3 – midsize sedan
  • Tesla Model Y – compact SUV

Each of these models offers a sleek design, high performance, and cutting-edge technology, which is why they have become so popular in South Africa.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is the brand’s flagship model and comes in three variations that include the Long Range, Performance, and Plaid models. The Long Range model comes with a price tag of around R1.5 million, while pricing for the Performance and Plaid models starts at around R1.8 million and R2.4 million, respectively.

Tesla Model X

The Model X is an all-electric midsize SUV that comes with a hefty price tag of around R2 million. It boasts some impressive features, including Falcon Wing doors, ample interior space, and high-end technology.

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Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is a midsize sedan that comes in four variations, including the Standard Range Plus, Long Range, Performance, and Performance with the Acceleration Boost upgrade. The Standard Range plus comes with a price tag of around R800 000, while pricing for the Performance model starts at around R1.3 million.

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Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV that comes with a price tag of approximately R1.8 million. The car comes in two models - Long Range AWD and Performance AWD.

Charging and Running Costs

While the upfront costs of a Tesla car may seem steep, the running costs of these vehicles are much lower than their petrol or diesel-powered counterparts. In South Africa, electricity costs are relatively cheap, with a full charge of a Tesla vehicle costing roughly R250 to R300.

Furthermore, Tesla offers its customers access to its Supercharger network, which makes long trips more comfortable and less stressful. Tesla’s Superchargers offer fast charging that can give you 270km of range in just 30 minutes of charging.

Final Thoughts

Owning a Tesla in South Africa is no longer a far-fetched dream, but rather an achievable reality. While the upfront costs may seem steep, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. Tesla electric vehicles offer unparalleled performance, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable transportation that can provide a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to reduce their environmental footprint while enjoying driving around in style.

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