How Much Is A Block Brick At Build It

How Much Is A Block Brick At Build It

Welcome to my blog post about the pricing of block bricks at Build It. If you are planning a construction project, you may be wondering how much block bricks cost at Build It. Block bricks are a common building material used for walls, foundations, and other structures. The price can vary depending on several factors, including the type of block, quantity, and location.

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Types of Block Bricks

Build It offers various types of block bricks, including concrete hollow blocks, maxi bricks, and stock bricks. Concrete hollow blocks are a popular option for building walls and can cost between R5.00 and R8.00 per block, depending on the size and quantity ordered. Maxi bricks are larger bricks that can reduce the number of bricks required for a project, and their price ranges from R2.50 to R4.00 per brick. Lastly, stock bricks are affordable and commonly used for paving projects, and their pricing fluctuates from R1.50 to R2.50 per brick.

Quantity of Block Bricks

The quantity of block bricks you need for your project will affect the total cost. The more block bricks you require, the higher your expenses will be. You can get a discount for bulk purchases, saving you money. Therefore, it's essential to calculate the number of blocks you need accurately.

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If you require 100 concrete hollow blocks that cost R5.00 each, your total cost would be R500.00 before taxes. However, if you purchase more than 100 blocks at once, you can get an amount discount. A discount of 5% for 1-5 pallets, a 7.5% discount for 6-10 pallets, and a 10% discount for 11 or more pallets is offered.

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The prices of block bricks may vary slightly depending on your location. In some areas, the cost of transporting block bricks from the supplier may increase the final price, while in other areas, the supplier may offer free transportation. Therefore, it's best to get a quote from the Build It branch nearest to you.


When you consider all the factors such as types, quantity, and location, the cost of a block brick at Build It can range from R1.50 to R8.00 per block or brick. It's essential to know precisely what you need and calculate the number of bricks you need for your project before making any purchase.

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