How Much Is A Litre Of Petrol In Sa

How Much Is A Litre Of Petrol In Sa

As a South African citizen, you probably know how vital petrol is for transportation. From cars to motorbikes and trucks, petrol keeps our vehicles moving. However, one question always comes to our minds when we are visiting petrol stations - how much is a litre of petrol in SA?

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  1. The Current Petrol Prices in South Africa
    1. Factors that Affect the Petrol Prices in South Africa
  2. The Impact of Petrol Prices on South African Citizens
    1. Transportation Costs
    2. Inflation
    3. Disposable Income
  3. In Conclusion

The Current Petrol Prices in South Africa

Before we delve into the current petrol prices, it's essential to understand the various factors that influence the pricing.

Factors that Affect the Petrol Prices in South Africa

  • International Crude Oil Prices: South Africa imports crude oil, which means that the price of crude oil on the global market significantly affects our petrol prices.
  • Exchange Rate: Since we import crude oil, fluctuations in our currency's exchange rate with the US dollar can also influence petrol prices.
  • Taxes and Levies: The government applies taxes and levies on petrol prices, with the fuel levy being a significant contributor to the price.
  • Distribution Costs: The cost of distribution and delivery to petrol stations is also a factor that influences the pricing.

Based on the above factors, the current petrol prices in South Africa (as of September 1, 2021) are as follows:

Fuel TypePrice per litre (Inland)Price per litre (Coastal)
93 PetrolR18.24R17.60
95 PetrolR18.45R17.81
Diesel 0.05%R15.64R14.97
Diesel 0.005%R15.66R15.01
Illuminating ParaffinR10.12R9.22
LP Gas (Wholesale)R28.35N/A

It's important to note that these prices are subject to change, especially due to fluctuations in the global crude oil prices or currency exchange rates.

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The Impact of Petrol Prices on South African Citizens

The price of petrol has a ripple effect on different aspects of South African citizens' lives. Here are some impacts of petrol prices:

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Transportation Costs

The primary use of petrol is transportation, whether it's for personal, public or commercial use. An increase in the cost of petrol leads to a rise in transportation costs, which affects various daily expenses like travelling to work, school, or running errands.


As transportation costs increase, so does the cost of producing goods and services. For instance, if petrol costs increase, it translates to increased transportation costs, which eventually leads to increased production costs in industries that rely on transportation, ultimately leading to inflation.

Disposable Income

As petrol prices increase, citizens' disposable income decreases, and they have to reconsider their expenditure. This pressure even applies to people living below the poverty line, as petrol costs influence the price of essential goods like food and medical supplies.

In Conclusion

The price of petrol in South Africa is heavily influenced by various factors, among them being the international crude oil prices, currency exchange rates, taxes, and levies, and distribution costs. Over the years, there have been fluctuations in the petrol prices, leading to different impacts on the citizens' lives, from transportation costs to disposable income, and even inflation. As South Africans, it's essential to keep track of the current petrol prices and its influences on our daily lives.

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