How Much Is Curro School Fees

How Much Is Curro School Fees

Curro Schools are some of the most popular institutions for parents looking for quality education in South Africa. They are renowned for their modern facilities, innovative teaching methods, and exceptional academic results. However, the question on many parents’ minds is: how much is Curro school fees? In this article, we will explore the fees for Curro Schools and what parents can expect to pay for their children's education.

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  1. Curro School Fee Structure
    1. Primary School Fees
    2. High School Fees
  2. Factors That Affect Curro School Fees
  3. How to Pay for Curro School Fees
  4. Conclusion

Curro School Fee Structure

The fees for Curro Schools are structured according to the grade of the student and the location of the school. Generally, fees increase as the student advances to higher grades.

Primary School Fees

At the primary school level, Curro fees range from R30,000 to R100,000 per year. This fee covers tuition, books, and stationery.

High School Fees

The high school fees are a bit higher and range from R40,000 to R150,000 per year. Similar to primary school fees, this fee covers tuition, books, and stationery.

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Factors That Affect Curro School Fees

Several factors can affect the cost of tuition for Curro schools. One of the primary factors is the location of the school. Schools located in major cities tend to have higher fees than those in smaller towns or rural areas.

The facilities offered by a school also play a significant role in determining school fees since schools continually invest in new technologies and upgrade their infrastructure to offer the best possible learning environment.

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In addition, the level of education, the number of students per class, and the student-to-teacher ratio can also affect the fee structure of a school.

How to Pay for Curro School Fees

Curro Schools offer various payment options to parents, such as monthly or quarterly payments. Parents can also choose between debit orders, electronic payments, or cash deposits. Curro also offers bursaries to some students who meet specific financial criteria.


Curro school fees vary depending on the school's location, facilities, and education level. However, the quality of education, innovative teaching methods, and academic results justify the costs. Parents should take advantage of the various payment options Curro offers, and students who meet financial criteria can apply for bursaries available to assist them in paying school fees.

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