How Much Is Nsfas Allowance

How Much Is Nsfas Allowance

Welcome to our article on "How much is Nsfas Allowance?" If you're a student in South Africa, you're probably familiar with Nsfas - The National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Nsfas is a government-funded program that provides financial assistance to eligible students to help them pay for their tertiary education expenses. One of the benefits of being an Nsfas recipient is receiving a monthly stipend to help cover living expenses.

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  1. The Amount of Nsfas Allowance
    1. Types of Nsfas Allowance
    2. Payment of Nsfas Allowance
  2. Conclusion

The Amount of Nsfas Allowance

The amount of Nsfas allowance varies from student to student and is dependent on several factors. The primary factor that determines the Nsfas allowance amount is your financial need. Your financial need is determined by Nsfas when you apply for financial assistance. The Nsfas application process takes into account your annual family income, the number of dependents in your household, and any other extenuating financial circumstances.

Another factor that influences the amount of Nsfas allowance you receive is the cost of living in the area where you are studying. Students studying in cities with a higher cost of living may receive a slightly higher allowance amount to help cover expenses like rent and groceries.

Types of Nsfas Allowance

There are two types of Nsfas allowance that eligible students can receive:

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  • Accommodation allowance: This allowance is awarded to students who live in residences, student housing, or other forms of accommodation approved by the institution. The amount of the accommodation allowance is determined by the institution and may vary based on the type of accommodation.
  • Living Allowance: This allowance is awarded to all Nsfas recipients, regardless of their living arrangements. The living allowance amount varies based on several factors, as mentioned earlier, but typically ranges from R 2900 to R 3500 per month. This allowance aims at covering a student's daily expenses such as groceries, transport, and other necessities.
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Payment of Nsfas Allowance

The Nsfas allowance is typically paid out monthly, and the exact date of payment may vary by institution. Nsfas allowances are credited directly to students' bank accounts or paid via a voucher system to institutions. The payment of the allowances is subject to the satisfactory academic progress of the student.


As an Nsfas recipient, it's crucial to make the most of your allowance and utilize the resources at your disposal. While the allowance amount may not cover all of your expenses, it can help alleviate some of the financial burden associated with studying. We hope this article provided insight into how much you can expect to receive as Nsfas allowance.

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