How Much To Renew Psira

How Much To Renew Psira

Today, we will talk about Psira renewal and the costs that come along with it. Psira refers to the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority - an organization in South Africa that regulates the private security industry. Every security officer in the country must be registered with Psira, and their registration must be renewed annually.

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  1. Why is Psira registration renewal important?
  2. The cost of Psira renewal
    1. Grade A:
    2. Grade B:
    3. Grade C:
  3. Conclusion

Why is Psira registration renewal important?

Psira registration renewal is essential for all registered security officers as it guarantees the quality and standards of the private security industry. By renewing their registration, security officers indicate their commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct.

Failure to renew your Psira registration is not only illegal but also leaves you vulnerable to security risks. Without registration, you cannot practice as a security officer in South Africa, meaning you lose your livelihood, impact your employer's compliance status, and put the security of the organization you work for at risk.

The cost of Psira renewal

How much does it cost to renew your Psira registration? Well, the answer is dependent on the level of your registration. Psira registration has three levels:

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Grade A:

Grade A Psira registration is the highest level of registration, and it applies to top management roles such as directors, general managers, or chief executive officers. The cost of renewing a Grade A registration is R1,006.

Grade B:

Grade B registration is for managerial and administrative staff, and it costs R766 for renewal.

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Grade C:

Grade C registration applies to all other security officers, including unarmed guards and access controllers. This level comes with the lowest cost of Psira registration, which is R635.


Renewing your Psira registration is an essential step to maintain professionalism and ethical conduct in the private security industry. The cost of renewal is dependent on your registration level, with Grade A being the most expensive and Grade C being the least expensive. As a registered security officer, it is your responsibility to ensure that you renew your Psira registration annually to avoid any legal troubles and protect your employment status and the organization you work for.

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