How Old Is Kabza De Small

Kabza De Small is a South African Amapiano music producer and DJ who has taken the music industry by storm. He has become a household name in South Africa and beyond, thanks to his unique and exceptional talent in producing music that has captured the hearts of many.

  1. Early Life and Career
    1. How old is Kabza De Small?
    2. Kabza De Small's Rise to Fame
  2. Discography
  3. Awards and Recognitions
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Early Life and Career

Kabza De Small was born in Mpumalanga, South Africa. However, not much is known about his personal life, except for the crucial information that he started his music career in 2009, mainly as a DJ. He rose to fame in 2019 after the release of his album, "Pretty Girls Love Amapiano," which made him a household name.

How old is Kabza De Small?

The real age of Kabza De Small is unknown, but he was born in 1992, meaning that he is currently in his late 20s or early 30s.

Kabza De Small's Rise to Fame

Kabza's rise to fame can be attributed to his unique sound, which became an instant hit with many. His music has a distinctive and effortless style that sets him apart from the rest of his peers. Kabza De Small's rise to fame has been gradual but consistent, with each album he releases catapulting him to new levels of success.


Kabza De Small has released numerous hit albums that have been widely accepted and loved by his fans. Some of his most popular albums include:

  • IGost
  • Avenue Sounds
  • Pretty Girls Love Amapiano (with DJ Maphorisa)
  • Scorpion Kings (with DJ Maphorisa)
  • The Return Of The Scorpion Kings (with DJ Maphorisa)
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Awards and Recognitions

Kabza De Small has received several awards for his contribution to the music industry, both in South Africa and internationally. He has won the coveted South African Music Award (SAMA) and has been nominated for numerous other awards.


Kabza De Small is undoubtedly one of South Africa's biggest talents, and his contribution to the music industry cannot be overlooked. Despite his young age, he has achieved what many only dream of, and his future in the music industry looks bright. His fans eagerly await his new releases, which they are sure will be as impressive as his previous work. Kabza De Small's music has undoubtedly put South Africa on the world map, and he has cemented his position as one of the country's most prominent artists.

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