How Old Is Kaizer Motaung

When talking about prominent figures in the football world, it is impossible to miss the name Kaizer Motaung. He is a South African football legend who is celebrated as one of the greatest footballers and administrators in the history of South African football.

  1. Early Life and Career
  2. Kaizer Chiefs and Management Career
    1. The Legacy of Kaizer Motaung
    2. Conclusion

Early Life and Career

Kaizer Motaung was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on October 16, 1944. He began his football career playing for Orlando Pirates where he quickly became one of the club's most talented forwards.

However, his tenure at Orlando Pirates was short-lived as he moved to the United States to play for the Atlanta Chiefs in 1968. Motaung's time in the United States proved to be fruitful as he became one of the most recognizable footballers in the country.

Kaizer Chiefs and Management Career

Motaung's return to South Africa was in 1970 when he founded Kaizer Chiefs, a football club he named after himself. Kaizer Chiefs quickly became one of the most successful football clubs in the country, taking home numerous titles and championships.

As Motaung became more involved in the administrative aspects of the game, he stepped down from his role as a player to focus on the management of Kaizer Chiefs.

The Legacy of Kaizer Motaung

The legacy of Kaizer Motaung is one that cannot be ignored. His contributions to South African football remain invaluable and he has been an instrumental figure in the sport's growth and development in the country.

Moreover, his contributions to the sport have earned him several accolades and honors, including the Order of Ikhamanga, the second highest honor in South Africa.


It goes without saying that Kaizer Motaung's life and career have been nothing short of impressive. As he celebrates his 77th birthday in 2021, he continues to inspire and motivate football enthusiasts around the world.

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