How Old Is Nadia Nakai

How Old Is Nadia Nakai

When it comes to the South African hip hop scene, Nadia Nakai is one of the artists that stand out. Her music, fashion sense, and personality all contribute to her popularity. However, one question that has been on the minds of many fans is, "How old is Nadia Nakai?". In this post, we will delve into her age to give you a better understanding of this talented artist.

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  1. Early Life
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  4. How Old is Nadia Nakai?
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Early Life

Nadia Nakai was born on May 18, 1990, in Buccleuch, a small suburb in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her real name is Nadia Nakai Kandava. Although she was born in South Africa, her family roots can be traced back to Zimbabwe. Her father is Zimbabwean while her mother is South African. Nadia Nakai's upbringing was a blend of both cultures, and this has influenced her music in many ways.

Educational Background

Nadia Nakai attended Fourways High School, where she excelled in both academics and sports. After completing her high school education, she went on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communication, and Media Studies at Monash University in Johannesburg. She graduated with a degree in 2013.

Music Career

Nadia Nakai's music career started in 2013 when she signed with Sid Records, a South African independent music company. Her first single, "Like Me," was a collaboration with South African rapper, L-Tido. The song was a hit, and it helped to put her on the map.

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Since then, Nadia Nakai has released several songs and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the African music industry. Some of her notable songs include "Naaa Meeaan," "Money Back," and "Yass Bitch."

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How Old is Nadia Nakai?

As mentioned earlier, Nadia Nakai was born on May 18, 1990. This means that she is currently 31 years old. Despite being in her early thirties, she has managed to achieve a lot in the music industry, and her star is still shining.


Nadia Nakai is a force to be reckoned with in the African music scene. Her music, personality, and sense of style have earned her a huge following both in South Africa and beyond. Although she is only 31 years old, she has already accomplished so much, and her future looks even brighter. We hope this post has answered the question, "How old is Nadia Nakai?" to your satisfaction.

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