How To Calculate True Bearing In Geography

How To Calculate True Bearing In Geography

Geography plays a critical role in our daily lives. It helps us understand the location of different places and how they relate to each other. In navigation, having a good understanding of geography is essential. True bearing is a critical concept that helps navigate locations accurately. In this article, we will discuss what true bearing is and how to calculate it in geography.

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  1. What Is True Bearing?
  2. Calculating True Bearing
    1. Formula:
    2. Example Calculation:
  3. In Conclusion

What Is True Bearing?

True bearing is a measure of direction between two points. It is the angle measured clockwise from north to the direction of the point of interest. True bearings are used in navigation, aviation, and geography. True bearing is also called azimuth.

Calculating True Bearing

To calculate the true bearing between two points, you need to know the difference in longitude and latitude between the two points. You can calculate the difference in longitude and latitude using a map or an online tool. Once you have the difference in longitude and latitude, you can use the formula below to calculate the true bearing between the two points:


True Bearing = tan-1[(sin(Difference in Longitude) x cos(Destination Lat)) / (cos(Origin Lat) x sin(Destination Lat) - sin(Origin Lat) x cos(Destination Lat) x cos(Difference in Longitude))] + 360o if the result is negative

Example Calculation:

Suppose you want to calculate the true bearing between point A (latitude 35.689487, longitude 139.691711) and point B (latitude 40.730610, longitude -73.935242).

Difference in Longitude = -213.626953 (139.691711 - (-73.935242))

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Origin Lat = 35.689487

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Destination Lat = 40.730610

Substituting the values in the formula, we get:

True Bearing = tan-1[(sin(-213.626953) x cos(40.730610)) / (cos(35.689487) x sin(40.730610) - sin(35.689487) x cos(40.730610) x cos(-213.626953))] + 360o

True bearing = 60.669o

In Conclusion

Calculating true bearing is an essential concept in geography, navigation, and aviation that helps you find the direction between two points. Understanding how to calculate true bearing can be useful in many areas of life. In practice, you can use online tools or software to calculate true bearing easily.

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