How To Connect With Amadlozi

Welcome to a guide on how to connect with Amadlozi – the ancestral spirits central to Zulu and Xhosa cultures. For many traditional Africans, their beliefs extend beyond being alive and end at death. The ancestral spirits - Amadlozi - are seen as mediators between the living and the 'Great Spirit'. Being ancestors, they are considered to be ancestral spirits of great wisdom, experience, and authority.

  1. Understanding Amadlozi
    1. How to Communicate with Amadlozi
    2. Conclusion

Understanding Amadlozi

Amadlozi is a Zulu word that refers to ancestral spirits. In the Zulu and Xhosa cultures, Ancestral veneration is an integral part of their traditions. For those who subscribe to these beliefs, benefiting from ancestral spirits' wisdom requires one to connect with them.

How to Communicate with Amadlozi

The following are some methods that you can use to connect with Amadlozi:

1. Spiritual Healers

In South Africa, spiritual healers hold different titles such as 'inyanga' and 'sangoma'. These traditional healers are believed to communicate with the ancestors through the use of divination tools like bones, flakes, or shavings of wood.

2. Dreaming

In Zulu and Xhosa cultures, dreaming of an ancestor is considered a visitation. The visitation could be a way for the ancestor to communicate a message to the living. When this happens, traditional Africans believe that it's important to visit a spiritual healer to help interpret the message.

3. Intuitive Messages

Intuitive messages or 'thwasa' are considered whispers from Amadlozi. These messages often come to you through thoughts, a voice in your head, or a gut feeling. It's recommended that you develop a relationship with your ancestors to be able to identify when they are trying to communicate with you.


Cultures and traditions differ, but the belief in the power of Amadlozi is central to many traditional Africans. Connecting with your ancestors requires patience, trust, and respect. These valuable attributes create a strong relationship, enabling access to your ancestor's wisdom on the journey called life.

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