How To Make Pickled Chillies

If you love adding some heat to your meals, pickled chillies can be the perfect addition to your pantry. Not only are they a great way to preserve chillies for longer, but the pickling process adds flavor and complexity to the otherwise simple vegetable.

  1. What You'll Need
  2. The Steps
    1. Step 1: Prep the Chillies
    2. Step 2: Prepare the Brine
    3. Step 3: Sterilize the Jars
    4. Step 4: Add the Chillies to Jars
    5. Step 5: Pour the brine into the Jars
    6. Step 6: Seal and Store
  3. Final Thoughts

What You'll Need

To make pickled chillies, you will need just a few basic ingredients and equipment:

  • Chillies
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Airtight jars
  • Pot

The Steps

Step 1: Prep the Chillies

Clean the chillies and make sure to remove the stems. You can leave the seeds if you prefer a spicier pickle or remove them if you want a milder version. Cut the chillies into small pieces, so they fit comfortably in the pickle jar.

Step 2: Prepare the Brine

In a pot, combine equal parts of water and vinegar. Add a tablespoon of salt and sugar per cup of the liquid mixture. Bring everything to a simmer, stirring until the salt and sugar dissolves.

Step 3: Sterilize the Jars

Make sure your jars are clean by washing them with warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. Sterilize the jars by boiling them for five minutes or wash them in the dishwasher. Air-dry the jars completely to avoid any bacteria.

Step 4: Add the Chillies to Jars

Add the cut chillies to the jars, leaving some space at the top, so the brine can cover all of them. Tightly pack the chillies in the jar but don't overfill. You could add some garlic or onion slices for added flavor.

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Step 5: Pour the brine into the Jars

Slowly pour the brine into the jars with the chillies. Ensure the brine covers all the chillies evenly, leaving about a ½ inch headspace at the top of the jar.

Step 6: Seal and Store

Tightly screw the lids onto the jars to prevent air from getting in. You can put them in the fridge to chill for a week if you want to consume them soon, or You can store them on the counter at room temperature for up to two weeks.

Final Thoughts

Pickled chillies are an easy and interesting way to add a spicy kick to your meals, and by following these simple steps, you can make them in no time. While the recipe we provided suggests some estimation ratios, feel free to experiment with the spices, and adjust everything to your taste buds. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pickling, and it's all a matter of finding the perfect combination that hits the spot.

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