How To Pronounce Misogyny

How To Pronounce Misogyny

Misogyny is a term that has gained huge popularity in recent times owing to the advent of feminist movements that aim to eradicate gender inequality and promote the cause of women. For those who are unaware, misogyny refers to the hatred, contempt or prejudice against women on the basis of their gender. In this article, we will discuss how to pronounce the term misogyny correctly.

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  1. Phonetics of Misogyny
    1. Breaking down the pronunciation
  2. Misconceptions about Misogyny Pronunciation
    1. Mispronunciation as Mysogyny
    2. Emphasis on wrong syllable
  3. Usage of misogyny in society
    1. Use of Misogyny in popular culture
  4. Conclusion

Phonetics of Misogyny

The term misogyny is derived from the Greek words 'misos', which means hate and 'gyne', which means woman. The phonetic pronunciation of misogyny is "miss-oj-uh-nee" or "miss-oj-uh-nee" depending on where you stress the syllables.

Breaking down the pronunciation

To pronounce the word correctly, you need to give emphasis on the 'o' sound in the first syllable and the 'j' sound in the second syllable. The third syllable requires a slight stress on the 'uh' sound, while the final syllable requires a slight emphasis on the 'nee' sound.

Misconceptions about Misogyny Pronunciation

It is often observed that people make several errors while pronouncing the word misogyny. Let's have a look at some of the common misconceptions.

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Mispronunciation as Mysogyny

One of the most common misconceptions about the pronunciation of misogyny is that it is pronounced as 'mysogyny' with a silent 'o' in the third syllable. This misconception may have emerged because the word is often spelled incorrectly as 'mysogyny' due to its phonetic resemblance with words like 'mystery' and 'mystical'. However, the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word is 'misogyny'.

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Emphasis on wrong syllable

Another common error that people make while pronouncing the word is placing the emphasis on the wrong syllable. They may either emphasize the second syllable or the third syllable instead of the first syllable, leading to incorrect pronunciation.

Usage of misogyny in society

Misogyny is a term that has become increasingly prevalent in modern society. It is often used to describe attitudes and behavior that discriminate against women. It is prevalent in workplaces, in the media and even in personal relationships. With the rise of popular feminist movements, it has become more important to understand and effectively use the term misogyny in our daily conversations.

Use of Misogyny in popular culture

Misogyny is also frequently depicted in popular culture, including movies, music, and literature. It is often portrayed as oppressive, violent, and discriminatory behavior towards women.


In conclusion, the correct pronunciation of misogyny is "miss-oj-uh-nee". It is important to understand the correct pronunciation to effectively use this term in our conversations. Misogyny is a term that is growing in importance in modern society due to the increasing prevalence of gender discrimination. By understanding and effectively using this term, we can contribute to the fight against gender inequality and discrimination.

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