How To Pronounce Rendezvous

Pronouncing French words can be quite challenging, especially when there are silent letters involved! One such word is "rendezvous," which means a meeting or appointment. In this article, we'll look at some rules that can help you pronounce this word correctly.

  1. Silent letters in "rendezvous"
  2. Breaking down the pronunciation of "rendezvous"
    1. "Ren"
    2. "dez"
    3. "vous"
  3. Tips for pronouncing "rendezvous"
  4. Examples of "rendezvous" in context
  5. Conclusion

Silent letters in "rendezvous"

The first thing to note about "rendezvous" is that it has several silent letters. In French, the word is spelled "rendez-vous." The letters "d" and "s" at the end are both silent. In English, we drop the hyphen and the "u" in the middle, but we still pronounce it as "ron-day-voo."

Breaking down the pronunciation of "rendezvous"

Now let's break down the word into smaller parts to help with pronunciation.


The first syllable in "rendezvous" is "ren." This is pronounced like the English word "ran." Make sure to stress this syllable, as it is the emphasized syllable in the word.


The second syllable is "dez" and is pronounced like the English word "day." This syllable is not stressed as heavily as the first syllable.


The final syllable is "vous" and is pronounced like the English word "voo." The "s" at the end is silent.

Tips for pronouncing "rendezvous"

- Remember to stress the first syllable "ren"
- Pronounce "dez" like "day"
- Pronounce "vous" like "voo"
- Don't pronounce the "d" or "s" at the end
- Listen to a native speaker or watch a video to hear the correct pronunciation

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Examples of "rendezvous" in context

- "I have a rendezvous with my friend at the café."
- "The spies arranged a secret rendezvous in the park."


"Rendezvous" may seem like a difficult word to pronounce, but with a little practice, you can get it right. Remember to stress the first syllable and pronounce the "dez" and "vous" syllables correctly. Don't be afraid to ask a native speaker or listen to recordings to improve your pronunciation. Now go ahead and use "rendezvous" in your conversations to impress your friends and colleagues!

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