How To Say In Afrikaans

How To Say In Afrikaans

Afrikaans is a West Germanic language with roots in Dutch, spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia. Learning how to say a few basic phrases in Afrikaans can be helpful if you plan to visit these countries or simply need to communicate with Afrikaans-speaking individuals. In this article, we will provide you with some basic Afrikaans phrases, their pronunciation, and their English translation.

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  1. Greetings and Polite Expressions
  2. Basic Questions and Responses
  3. Basic Expressions for Travel
  4. Food and Drinks
    1. Conclusion

Greetings and Polite Expressions

These phrases are used in everyday conversation when meeting people or showing gratitude:

  • Hallo - Hello
  • Hoe gaan dit? - How are you?
  • Dankie - Thank you
  • Dit was lekker om jou te ontmoet - It was nice to meet you
  • Tot siens - Goodbye

Basic Questions and Responses

Here are some Afrikaans questions and responses that you may need in basic interactions:

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AfrikaansPhonetic PronunciationEnglish
Wat is jou naam?Vaht is yo naahm?What is your name?
Ek verstaan nieEk ferr-staan nee-uhI don't understand
Waar is die badkamer?Vaahr iss dee baht-kahmuh?Where is the bathroom?
Hoe laat is dit?Hoo laaht iss dit?What time is it?

Basic Expressions for Travel

If you're traveling to a place where Afrikaans is commonly spoken, it might be helpful to know these basic expressions:

  • Ek het 'n probleem - I have a problem
  • Waar is my bagasie? - Where is my luggage?
  • Ek wil graag 'n taxi hê - I would like to have a taxi
  • Kan jy my help? - Can you help me?
  • Ek is verdwaald - I am lost
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Food and Drinks

If you're planning on dining in an Afrikaans-speaking country, these phrases may come in handy:

  • Kan ek 'n tafel bespreek? - Can I book a table?
  • Ek wil graag 'n menu hê - I would like to have a menu
  • Ek wil graag 'n glas wyn hê - I would like to have a glass of wine
  • Ek is allergies vir... - I am allergic to...
  • Wat is die spesialiteit van die huis? - What is the house specialty?


Learning how to say basic phrases in Afrikaans can be very useful, especially if you plan on visiting South Africa or Namibia. In this article, we have covered some basic greetings, questions and responses, travel phrases, and food and drink phrases. Remember, practicing and using these phrases will help you become more comfortable with the language and may even help you make new friends in Afrikaans-speaking countries.

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