How To Transfer Minutes On Mtn

How To Transfer Minutes On Mtn

One of the challenges mobile network subscribers encounter is how to transfer minutes or airtime to their loved ones, friends, business partners or family members. MTN is one of the leading telecommunication network providers in Africa, with a subscriber base of over 100 million people. In this post, we will be discussing how to transfer minutes on MTN Nigeria network

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  1. Step 1: Have sufficient airtime to transfer
  2. Step 2: Dial the right code
    1. Explanation of MTN Transfer Code
  3. Step 3: Confirm the transaction
  4. Step 4: Transaction Notification
  5. Transfer Limitations
  6. Conclusion

Step 1: Have sufficient airtime to transfer

You cannot transfer what you do not have. Therefore make sure you have enough airtime on your phone to transfer. Also, ensure that you take note of the minimum and maximum amount that you can transfer which is N50 and N5,000 respectively.

Step 2: Dial the right code

To transfer airtime on MTN network, dial *600*recipient's number*amount*PIN# and then press send/ok.

Explanation of MTN Transfer Code

*600*: This is the MTN transfer code

Recipient's number: This is the phone number of the person receiving the airtime transfer. Make sure you enter the correct phone number

Amount: The amount to be transferred

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PIN: This is your secret four-digit security code. Only those who know your code can transfer airtime from your phone.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

After dialing the transfer code and the necessary details, you will be prompted to confirm the transaction. Review the transaction details and ensure that everything is correct. Then approve the transaction by entering your PIN.

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Step 4: Transaction Notification

Once you have completed the transaction, you will receive a notification from MTN confirming the transfer. The recipient will also receive a notification informing them that airtime has been transferred to their phone.

Transfer Limitations

There are certain limitations to transferring airtime on MTN network. These include:

  • You can only transfer airtime to other MTN numbers on the same network.
  • You are only allowed five (5) transfers per day
  • You can only transfer between N50 and N5,000 at a time
  • The cumulative amount of airtime you can transfer each day is N10,000


With this guide, transferring airtime on MTN Nigeria network should not be a problem. It's quick, convenient and most importantly, secure. Remember, always keep your transfer PIN secret to prevent fraudulent transactions.

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