How To Watch F1 In South Africa

How To Watch F1 In South Africa

In South Africa, motorsports enthusiasts are always looking for ways to stream and watch the Formula One (F1) races live. F1 is one of the world's most popular car racing events, and it's no surprise that people in South Africa want to watch it. However, it can be challenging to find reliable sources to watch F1 racing in South Africa. This article discusses several ways you can enjoy live F1 races in South Africa.

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  1. Watch F1 on TV
    1. SuperSport
  2. Streaming F1 Online
    1. F1TV
    2. Sky Sports
    3. Hotstar
  3. Watching F1 Races On-demand
    1. F1TV
    2. YouTube
  4. Conclusion

Watch F1 on TV

The best and most common way to watch F1 racing is on television. People in South Africa can watch F1 on SuperSport, which is a popular television service provider. SuperSport broadcasts Formula 1 racing events live and in HD.


SuperSport is the main broadcasting channel for F1 in South Africa. You need to have a subscription to access SuperSport. Once you have a subscription, you can watch all the F1 races live.

Streaming F1 Online

If you prefer to watch F1 races online, there are several websites where you can stream live races. Most of these websites offer a subscription-based service, which means you have to pay a fee to access the content. Here are some websites you can use to stream F1 online:


F1TV is an official streaming platform of Formula 1. You can watch live races on F1TV by buying a subscription. The platform also offers exclusive race coverage, team radio, documentaries, and archives.

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Sky Sports

Sky Sports is another website that provides F1 live streaming services. You can access Sky Sports online, or you can use its mobile application. Sky Sports requires a subscription, but it also offers tons of other sports content in addition to F1.

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Hotstar is an Indian streaming platform that offers F1 live streaming services. You can access the platform from South Africa, but you need to use a VPN service to bypass geo-restrictions. Hotstar offers a free subscription, but you can also buy a premium subscription to get access to all the F1 races.

Watching F1 Races On-demand

If you can't watch F1 races live, you can always watch them on-demand. Several websites offer on-demand services where you can watch the races at your convenience.


You can watch F1 races on-demand on F1TV. Once you subscribe to F1TV, you get access to all the races and exclusive content that you can watch on-demand.


You can also watch highlights of F1 races on YouTube. Many channels post F1 race highlights and other related content on YouTube.


In summary, South African motorsports enthusiasts can watch F1 racing through TV, streaming services, or on-demand channels. Whether you want to watch live races or on-demand, there are several ways to access F1 content. Some of the most popular sources include SuperSport, F1TV, Sky Sports, and Hotstar. You can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget to immerse yourself in the world of F1 racing.

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