How Do I Apply For A Job At Ackermans

How Do I Apply For A Job At Ackermans

Welcome to Ackermans Career page! Here, we share with you everything that you need to know about applying for a job at Ackermans. If you're interested in working for one of South Africa's leading retailers, read on to learn how to start your application process.

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  1. Step 1: Research and Find the Perfect Position
    1. Some roles we offer include:
  2. Step 2: Submit Your Application
  3. Step 3: Interviews and Job Offers
    1. Why Join Ackermans?

Step 1: Research and Find the Perfect Position

The first step in the application process is to find the perfect job for you at Ackermans. Navigate to our website and click on the "Careers" link located at the bottom section of the homepage. Once you've landed on the careers page, you should see a list of available jobs across different departments.

Browse through the different job opportunities listed and click on any job of interest to see a detailed job description, responsibilities, required qualifications, and experience. Make sure you read through everything before applying to ensure you meet the requirements for the job, and see what will be expected of you.

Some roles we offer include:

  • Sales associate
  • Merchandiser
  • Assistant manager
  • Store manager

Step 2: Submit Your Application

Once you’ve found a job that you'd like to apply for, prepare your application package. You’ll need to submit the following:

  • A cover letter that outlines your skills and experiences and how they are relevant to the job you're applying for.
  • Your resume/ curriculum vitae, including your qualifications, work experience, and voluntary activities.
  • Your academic transcripts (if you're a student or have just completed your education)

Ensure all your documents are in PDF or Word format; otherwise, they may be rejected by our system.

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Step 3: Interviews and Job Offers

Once your application has been assessed, you'll receive an email from our human resources team notifying you about the outcome. If your application meets our criteria, you'll be invited to attend an interview. Most interviews are conducted in person, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some may be held virtually.

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During the interview, you’ll be asked questions about your experience, skills, and the job role. Be honest with what you say, and provide examples to support your answers. You may be asked to participate in a practical assessment to demonstrate your ability to do the job.

After your interview, it may take some time before we contact you again to give feedback on your application. Once successful, we'll send an offer of employment, including the terms of the job.

Why Join Ackermans?

Ackermans is a vibrant company that provides a dynamic working environment for its employees. We offer career growth opportunities, including training and mentorship programs. Our roles across the business are inclusive, and we pride ourselves on our diverse culture.

Besides, our salaries and benefits are competitive, and there are incentives and other rewards for our employees. As a company that recognizes the hard work of our teams, we offer annual awards for outstanding achievements and celebrate our staff milestones, such as long service traditions.


Applying for a job at Ackermans can be a smooth and straightforward process if you have the right information. We encourage you to research your desired position and prepare your documentation carefully. Don’t forget to be yourself during your interview; after all, we want to know the person behind the resume. Good luck and we look forward to receiving your application.

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