How Much Is Apple Tv In South Africa

Apple is a household name when it comes to electronics, and one of its fantastic products is the Apple TV. This device allows you to stream movies and TV shows on your television, making it a perfect entertainment solution. South Africans who are looking to get their hands on this gadget are often curious about how much it costs.

  1. Apple TV in South Africa
  2. Buying an Apple TV in South Africa
    1. Apple Store South Africa website
    2. iStore South Africa
    3. Incredible Connection
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Apple TV in South Africa

The cost of an Apple TV in South Africa is dependent on various factors such as the exchange rate, shipping costs, and customs duty. However, you can expect to pay around R2 999.00 for the latest 4K version of the device.

Buying an Apple TV in South Africa

There are various ways to buy an Apple TV in South Africa. One of the easiest methods is by purchasing it online through the Apple store South Africa website. You can also buy it from authorized resellers such as iStore South Africa or Incredible Connection.

Apple Store South Africa website

The Apple store South Africa website offers free shipping within South Africa for purchases over R450. Once you have selected your Apple TV and completed your purchase, you can expect your device to be delivered to your doorstep within five to seven business days.

iStore South Africa

iStore South Africa is an authorized Apple reseller that has physical stores located across the country. You can visit any iStore location to purchase an Apple TV in person. Alternatively, you can also buy it online through their website and have it delivered to your home at an additional shipping cost.

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Incredible Connection

Incredible Connection is another authorized Apple reseller that sells Apple TVs at their physical stores and online. They also have delivery options available, but the shipping cost will depend on your location.


Overall, the cost of an Apple TV in South Africa is prone to change depending on multiple factors. However, it is still a fantastic entertainment device that is worth the price. Whether you decide to purchase it through the Apple store or an authorized reseller, you will be sure to enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen from the comfort of your home.

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