How Much Is Dstv Explora Per Month

How Much Is Dstv Explora Per Month

Dstv Explora is one of the most popular satellite TV services in Africa. This service brings thousands of interesting and enjoyable channels to your TV screens. The experience of watching TV is made even more enjoyable with the Dstv Explora decoder.

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There are different packages to choose from when you subscribe to Dstv Explora. The monthly cost for each package also varies. In this article, we will be discussing the different package options and how much Dstv Explora costs per month.

**Dstv Explora Packages**

There are different package options to choose from when subscribing to Dstv Explora. These packages offer different channels at varying prices. Here are the various Dstv Explora packages available:

- Dstv Premium
- Dstv Compact Plus
- Dstv Compact
- Dstv Family
- Dstv Access

Dstv Premium is the most comprehensive package in the Dstv Explora bouquet. It offers the widest range of channels and includes sports, entertainment, documentaries, movies, and news channels. This package is priced at Ksh. 7900 per month.

Dstv Compact Plus offers a good selection of channels including movie channels like M-Net Edge and Studio Universal. This package is priced at Ksh. 4900 per month.

Dstv Compact is the next package in line and offers a mix of channels that caters to all ages. It offers a good selection of sports channels, entertainment, and news channels. Dstv Compact is priced at Ksh. 2500 per month.

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Dstv Family is the fourth option in the Dstv Explora bouquet. It offers a good selection of TV channels for the family. This package is priced at Ksh. 1250 per month.

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Dstv Access is the most affordable package in the Dstv Explora bouquet. It offers a limited selection of channels and is priced at Ksh. 1000 per month.

**Dstv Explora Add-ons**

Aside from the regular packages, Dstv Explora also offers add-ons that subscribers can purchase to customize their viewing experience. Add-ons include:

- BoxOffice: where subscribers can rent the latest blockbusters and movies.
- Showmax: for subscribers who want to access more movies and TV series.
- Dstv Now: a streaming service that lets subscribers watch their favorite TV channels on their mobile devices.


In conclusion, Dstv Explora offers a range of packages and add-ons that caters to the needs of different viewers. The packages vary in price and channels offered, so subscribers can choose a package that fits their budget and viewing preferences. The prices mentioned above are subject to change, so it is best to check the Dstv website for the current prices when choosing a package.

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