How Much Is Dstv Extra View

How Much Is Dstv Extra View

Are you tired of fighting over the television remote with your family or housemates? Do you want to watch different channels on multiple devices simultaneously? If yes, then DStv Extra View may be the perfect solution for you.

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  1. What is DStv Extra View?
  2. How does it work?
    1. What is the cost of DStv Extra View?
    2. How to activate DStv Extra View
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What is DStv Extra View?

DStv Extra View is a fantastic system that allows you to link two or more DStv decoders under a single subscription package. Extra View connects two decoders in your home or office, and you can watch two different channels on different devices at the same time.

How does it work?

The DStv Extra View system requires two DStv decoders which are set up to function together. The first decoder is known as the primary decoder, while the other is the secondary decoder. The primary decoder acts as the gateway, and you can link it to the secondary decoder through a clear RF cable or a smart LNB.

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What is the cost of DStv Extra View?

The cost of the DStv Extra View package depends on the subscription package you choose. To be eligible for Extra View, one of the decoders under your name must be on any of the DStv packages from Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, or Access.

The primary account holder pays a monthly subscription fee for the first decoder linked to the account. Additional decoders added for Extra View are charged an affordable fee of only R100 a month per decoder. Remember that Extra View is subject to availability in your location, and you will need a qualified DStv installer to install the system for you.

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How to activate DStv Extra View

Activating DStv Extra View is quite an easy process. Start by ensuring you have the required two decoders and a reliable subscription package on one of them. Contact your local DStv agent, and they will help you activate the Extra View service under your account for only R100 a month.


If you want to avoid the unnecessary stress that comes with families and housemates fighting over the remote, DStv Extra View is the solution for you. With a little extra money each month, you can link two or more decoders and enjoy watching different channels on different devices simultaneously. Contact your local DStv agent and enjoy a hassle-free entertainment experience with DStv Extra View!

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