How Much Is Pdp For Code 10

How Much Is Pdp For Code 10

Political attempts to overthrow governments, democracies, and even the electoral process have always led to chaos, anarchy, and bloodshed. Nigeria is not exempted from this reality. Since the inception of democracy in the country, political unrest has been the norm rather than the exception.

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  1. What is Pdp?
  2. Code 10
    1. What is Code 10?
    2. How much does Code 10 cost in PDP?
    3. Conclusion

What is Pdp?

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) is one of Nigeria's leading political parties that emerged shortly after the Nigerian Fourth Republic was inaugurated in 1999. PDP's rise to governmental power broke several historic electoral jinxes in Nigerian politics- it broke Nigeria's democracy's status quo by becoming the first political party to defeat an incumbent ruling party that had earlier governed the country since independence.

Code 10

Code 10 is a term peculiar to Nigerian politics, particularly within the PDP. It has been alleged that many politicians within the party seek or lobby for the issuance of "Code 10" to boost their electoral chances within the party. But what exactly is Code 10?

What is Code 10?

Code 10 is a delegate number for aspirants vying for different electoral positions within the party- these aspirants are only allowed to participate in the final round of an internal primary election. The primary election is usually between other aspirants also issued with Code 10.

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While it's not uncommon that political aspirants lobby for delegate positions, particularly Code 10 positions, the demand for Code 10 positions within the PDP is quite high. In fact, aspirants that secure Code 10 positions are considered to have a high chance of winning their party's ticket to participate in the state or national elections.

How much does Code 10 cost in PDP?

The PDP delegate position, including Code 10, is issued by the party's National Headquarters in Abuja. The ultimate cost of securing the delegate position, including Code 10, depends on various factors, such as demand, bargaining power, and negotiations with power brokers and delegates.

According to sources, securing Code 10 can cost anywhere between N5m to N10m or even more, depending on the state and value attached to the primary election at the time.


In conclusion, the PDP Code 10 has become a significant factor in the party's primary election process. Many aspirants, particularly those with a considerable political war chest, consider it as their ticket to national political relevance. However, the question of how much PDP Code 10 actually costs is subjective, as many factors determine the ultimate cost.

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