How To Calculate Matric Points

How To Calculate Matric Points

Welcome to our guide on how to calculate Matric Points. The Matric Point System is the standard approach to calculate university admission scores in South Africa. The scores obtained from this system determine whether a student is eligible to apply for specific university courses. If you're a high school student in South Africa looking to apply for tertiary education or a concerned parent, you’ll find this guide useful.

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  1. What are Matric Points?
    1. The Basic Calculation Formula
    2. Life Orientation
  2. How to calculate your Matric Score
  3. Conclusion

What are Matric Points?

Matric points are scores obtained from a student’s final grade 12 high school results. These scores are used to determine if the student meets the minimum requirements to apply for university admission. The Matric Point System is based on six subjects, and the scores are calculated based on the student's final exam results in these six subjects.

The Basic Calculation Formula

The basic calculation formula for Matric Points is as follows:

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Matric score = (a + b + c + d + e + f)/6


  • a is the score for the student's home language
  • b is the score for the student's first additional language
  • c is the score for Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy (the higher mark is used)
  • d, e and f are the scores for the student's three remaining subjects (excluding Life Orientation)

Life Orientation

Life Orientation is a compulsory subject in South African high schools. However, it is not included in the Matric Point System.

How to calculate your Matric Score

Now that we've discussed the formula for calculating Matric points, let's take a look at how you can use this formula to calculate your score:

  1. Look out for your final exam results slip
  2. Find your marks for all six subjects, including your home language, first additional language, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy, remaining subjects (excluding Life Orientation) in the final results slip
  3. Add up the numbers (a + b + c + d + e + f) and divide by 6
  4. You will have obtained your Matric Score
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Calculating your Matric Points is a vital step towards applying for tertiary education in South Africa. This guide has provided you with the necessary formula and steps to follow in calculating your Matric Points. We hope this article has been helpful in your quest to achieve your academic goals.

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