How To Connect Dstv Wifi Connector

How To Connect Dstv Wifi Connector

Today, almost everything is going wireless, and DSTV has not been left behind. With the DSTV WIFI Connector, you can connect your DSTV decoder to any wireless network of your choice, without disturbing cables all around your house. This article will guide you through the process of connecting your DSTV decoder to wifi.

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  1. Requirements
  2. Connect the Dstv Wifi Connector
    1. Step 1: Place the Wifi Connector
    2. Step 2: Connect to your Decoder
    3. Step 3: Enable Network Settings
    4. Step 4: Connect WiFi
    5. Step 5: Connect to Wifi Connector
  3. Conclusion


Before we dive into the process, you need to have the following:

  • A Laptop or mobile phone with a WIFI hotspot.
  • A DSTV model decoder with either a DStv Explora or a DStv HD decoder with an active subscription.
  • A DSTV WIFI Connector

Connect the Dstv Wifi Connector

Step 1: Place the Wifi Connector

Place the DSTV wifi connector in an area in your house where the wifi signal is stable. Remember, the connection between the WIFI and the DSTV decoder is wireless, so you must get a strong and stable signal.

Step 2: Connect to your Decoder

The second step is to connect the WIFI connector to your DSTV decoder. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the WIFI connector and the other end to the Ethernet port on your DSTV decoder. After you've done this, turn on the DSTV decoder and go to the network settings on the decoder.

Step 3: Enable Network Settings

Press the "DSTV" button on your decoder's remote control, and the menu will appear on your screen. Select "Settings," then select "User Preferences." Afterward, the Network Settings option will appear on the screen. Select "Network Settings."

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Step 4: Connect WiFi

After selecting "Network Settings," select "WIFI SETTINGS," and the network options available will pop up on the screen. Select the name of the WIFI network you want to connect to, and if the network requires a password, enter it, then press the OK button.

Step 5: Connect to Wifi Connector

After entering the WIFI password, you will be prompted to connect to the WIFI connector. Select "CONNECT TO WIFI CONNECTOR," and this should complete the connection process.


After following these five simple steps, you have successfully connected your DSTV decoder to Wifi, and you won't have to depend on a data cable anymore. This allows you to stream DSTV online, download movies from the DSTV box office, and even fix errors on your decoder remotely. If you experience any difficulty during the process, check your connection, and ensure that you have entered the correct password. Additionally, you can call your customer service for more help. Finally, enjoy your newfound freedom and take your DSTV viewing experience to new heights!

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