How To Get Free Data On Cell C

How To Get Free Data On Cell C

Cell C is a South African mobile service provider that provides its subscribers with affordable voice and data packages. However, data can be expensive, and getting free data can be a significant relief to many people. In this article, we'll take a look at how to get free data on Cell C.

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  1. Cell C Free WhatsApp
  2. Cell C Rewards
    1. How to join the rewards program
  3. Cell C Social Bundles
    1. How to buy social bundles
  4. Cell C "Winning Wednesday" Promotions
    1. How to participate in the promotion
  5. Conclusion

Cell C Free WhatsApp

If you are a prepaid or contract Cell C customer, you can use WhatsApp for free without using your data bundles. To activate the service, you need to dial *109# and choose the option for Free WhatsApp. You can then use the WhatsApp application and send messages or media without any data charges.

Cell C Rewards

Cell C runs a rewards program known as the "rewards for you" program, where customers can earn points to redeem for data, airtime, and other rewards. You can earn points by purchasing airtime or data bundles. Moreover, you can earn double points by purchasing bundles using the Cell C app.

How to join the rewards program

Joining the rewards program is easy. All you need to do is dial *147#; choose the rewards option, and follow the prompts. Once you are registered, you can start earning points immediately. You can also check your point balance by dialing *147# and choosing the option to check your balance.

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Cell C Social Bundles

Cell C offers its customers access to its social media networks. They offer several social bundles tailored to suit different customer needs. These bundles allow customers to access specific social media platforms without using their data bundles, thus saving on costs.

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How to buy social bundles

You can purchase social bundles in the following ways:

  • Dial *147# and choose the bundle option from the menu.
  • Visit the Cell C website and purchase a social media bundle.
  • Download the Cell C application, register, and purchase a social media bundle.

Cell C "Winning Wednesday" Promotions

Every Wednesday, Cell C offers its subscribers a chance to win data and airtime. All prepaid customers are eligible to participate in the promotion by purchasing airtime to the value of R5 or more.

How to participate in the promotion

To participate, prepaid customers should purchase airtime to the value of R5 or more in a single transaction. Once you have purchased the airtime, you will receive an SMS with a unique code. Dial *147# and choose the "Winning Wednesday" option from the menu, and enter the unique code to enter the draw.


Getting free data on Cell C is possible through various promotions and offers. From the Cell C Rewards program to the Cell C Social Bundles, there is something for everyone. With these tips, you can save on your monthly data costs and stay connected without breaking the bank.

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