How To Deactivate Mtn Zone

Welcome to this tutorial on how to deactivate MTN Zone. If you have been experiencing difficulties deactivating your MTN Zone, then this is just the guide you need. We are going to take a look at the various steps involved in deactivating MTN Zone on your line.

  1. What is MTN Zone?
  2. Why Deactivate MTN Zone?
  3. Steps on How to Deactivate MTN Zone
    1. Conclusion

What is MTN Zone?

Before we delve deeper into the steps involved in deactivating MTN Zone, it is important to understand what it is. MTN Zone is a product of MTN Nigeria that offers discounted rates for call rates, data, and SMS services. This product is designed to enable customers to make calls, send SMSes, and browse the internet at much-reduced rates. However, not everyone might be interested in this product, and thus they might need to deactivate it.

Why Deactivate MTN Zone?

Several reasons might prompt you to consider deactivating MTN Zone. Some of these include;

  • You are not utilizing the product to its maximum
  • You no longer find it useful
  • You have identified an alternative product that is much better
  • For any other personal reason that would prompt you to deactivate MTN Zone

Steps on How to Deactivate MTN Zone

Step 1: Dial *135*8# and press send.

Step 2: Select option 1 (My Status).

Step 3: Select option 2 (Stop MTN Zone).

Step 4: You will receive a notification confirming that you have successfully opted out of MTN Zone.


Deactivating MTN Zone can be a simple process that requires minimal effort, as outlined in the steps above. It is important to note that once you deactivate MTN Zone, you will no longer enjoy its discounted rates for call rates, SMS, and data. However, you can always activate it again should you find the need to use its services in the future.

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