How To Find Your Number On Mtn

How To Find Your Number On Mtn

MTN is a popular telecommunication network in Nigeria. Whether you want to check your airtime balance, data balance or you just need your mobile phone number and you don't have it offhand, MTN has made it possible for their customers to easily access their number on the network.

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  1. Method 1: Dial *123#
  2. Method 2: Call Customer Care
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  3. Method 3: Use the MyMTN app
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  4. Method 4: Check Your SIM Pack
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  5. Conclusion

Method 1: Dial *123#

Dial *123# on your MTN line, and then follow the on-screen prompt. Select option 1 (account information) and send. You will see an option for “My number”. Select that option, and your phone number will be displayed on your screen.

Method 2: Call Customer Care

You can call MTN customer care on 180 or 181. When you get through to a customer care representative, request to know your phone number. They will ask you to provide some information, including the serial number of the SIM pack or the last recharge on the line. Once they verify the provided information, they will give you your MTN phone number.

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  • Calling MTN customer care is free of charge when you have airtime on your line.
  • Make sure you call using the MTN line you want to know the number for.
  • You might experience longer waiting times before connecting with a representative during peak periods.

Method 3: Use the MyMTN app

You can also check your MTN phone number using the MyMTN app. If you do not have the app installed, go to the Google Playstore, download, and install it on your Android device. For iOS devices, download the app from the App store.

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Once you have the MyMTN app installed, log in to your account to view your phone number.


  • You will need an active MTN phone number to register on the app
  • Ensure that you have a functional data subscription and a stable internet connection to avoid any hitches.

Method 4: Check Your SIM Pack

If you have not thrown away your SIM pack, you can check it to know your phone number. Look at the back of the SIM pack, and you will see your phone number printed on it. In addition, you can also find other relevant information about your SIM card.


  • This method is ideal if you have not used the line for a while and cannot remember your number.
  • If the SIM pack is no longer available, you can use any of the other methods listed.


There you have it! Four different ways to find your MTN phone number when you do not have it offhand. You can dial *123#, call customer care, use the MyMTN app or check your SIM pack to reveal your number. Each method is fast, easy, and convenient - choose the one that works best for you.

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