How To Please Call With Telkom

How To Please Call With Telkom

Welcome to the world of Telkom! You are here because you have the desire to learn how to please call with Telkom. Telkom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in South Africa, offers a variety of services that can satisfy your communications needs. In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to make a call to ensure you have the best calling experience with Telkom.

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  1. Ensure You Have Sufficient Airtime
  2. Dial The Correct Number
    1. Example Formats
  3. Make Good Use of Your Phone Features
  4. Understand Telkom's Call Rates
    1. Example Call Rates
  5. Conclusion

Ensure You Have Sufficient Airtime

The first step to please call with Telkom is to ensure you have sufficient airtime. You can recharge your account via the Telkom app, online, or by purchasing a voucher at any Telkom store, retail outlet, or petrol station nationwide. After recharging, you will receive an SMS notification indicating that your airtime has been loaded.

Dial The Correct Number

To make a call, ensure that you have entered the correct number format. South African mobile numbers consist of ten digits, starting with "0". When calling a Telkom fixed-line number, add the area code to the number (e.g., 012 for Pretoria, 021 for Cape Town, and 031 for Durban). Do not add any prefixes (like +27), country codes (like 011 for Johannesburg), or any other additional numbers.

Example Formats

  • Mobile: 0821234567
  • Fixed-line (Pretoria): 0121234567
  • Fixed-line (Cape Town): 0211234567
  • Fixed-line (Durban): 0311234567

Make Good Use of Your Phone Features

To maximize your calling experience with Telkom, make good use of your phone's features. When you have sufficient airtime, try using the HD voice feature to enhance voice quality, especially if you have a 4G or Wi-Fi signal. You can also enable your phone's noise-canceling feature to reduce background noise and improve call clarity.

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Understand Telkom's Call Rates

Before making a call, it is essential to be familiar with Telkom's call rates. Telkom charges for calls on a per-second basis, with a minimum charge of 60 seconds. Call rates vary depending on the call type, destination, and network used.

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Example Call Rates

Call TypeDestinationRate Per Minute
National CallsTelkom NetworkR1.50
Other NetworksR2.85
International CallsUSA, Canada, and EuropeR3.75
Africa and the Middle EastR5.05


In conclusion, please call with Telkom involves a few steps: ensure you have sufficient airtime, dial the correct number, make good use of your phone's features, and understand Telkom's call rates. By following the guidelines we have provided, you can maximize your calling experience with Telkom and ensure you stay connected with your loved ones or business partners at an affordable rate.

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