How To Use Sinotec Tv Without Remote

How To Use Sinotec Tv Without Remote

Welcome to our article on how to use your Sinotec TV even without a remote! As we all know, TV remotes can be easily misplaced or damaged, which prevents us from navigating our favorite channels. Fortunately, there are some alternative ways to utilize your TV, and we will show you how in this post.

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  1. Using the Buttons on TV
  2. Using a Universal Remote
  3. Using a Smartphone App
  4. Using HDMI CEC
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Using the Buttons on TV

You may not know this, but your Sinotec TV may have some buttons on it. These buttons can be helpful when you can't seem to locate your remote control, or when the batteries are dead. They may be located on the front or side of the TV, and it is important to refer to your manual to find their location.

Once you have found the buttons, use the directional buttons to navigate the menu and select items. For example, to increase the volume, look for a + button on the TV, and press it repeatedly to turn up the sound. To decrease the volume, use the – button. Similar buttons may exist for changing channels and turning the TV on and off. Refer to your manual or look for symbols on the TV to figure out which buttons will perform each function.

Using a Universal Remote

If your TV's buttons are still not enough to satisfy your needs, another option is to obtain a universal remote. It is a remote that can be programmed to control all sorts of TVs, including Sinotec ones. While this device won't have all the bells and whistles of the dedicated Sinotec remote, it will allow you to navigate through the channels and control the volume.

To use the universal remote, ensure that it is programmed correctly. Once you have programmed the remote, you can use it to navigate your TV's menu and change the settings in the same way you would with the original Sinotec remote. Just make sure that you have the correct codes for your TV brand, and you'll have a more versatile way to control your Sinotec TV.

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Using a Smartphone App

In the age of the smartphone, it should come as no surprise that there is an app for everything, including controlling your TV. With apps like AnyMote and Peel Smart Remote, you can use your phone to control your Sinotec TV as well as other devices, such as soundbars and DVD players.

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Once you have downloaded the app of your choice, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and follow the instructions provided to set up your TV. When you've finished setting everything up, you'll have a remote app that can help you navigate your TV with just a tap of your finger. Just make sure that your TV is compatible with the app you choose, and you're good to go.


Another way to use your Sinotec TV without a dedicated remote is to leverage the power of HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). This feature allows devices to be controlled using a common HDMI cable that carries both audio and video signals. This can be particularly handy if you have a separate device connected to your TV such as a gaming console or a streaming stick.

To enable HDMI CEC, go to your TV's menu and select the option for CEC. Depending on your TV model, the name may vary; it may be called something like Anynet+ or Bravia Sync. Once you have enabled CEC, you can use your gaming console or streaming stick's remote to control the TV's volume and settings. Just remember that not all devices support HDMI CEC, so make sure that your device is compatible before relying on this method.


While the dedicated Sinotec TV remote may be the easiest way to navigate your TV, there are other options available that work just as well. Using your TV's buttons, a universal remote, a smartphone app, or HDMI CEC can provide you with a way to change channels and adjust volume without having to scavenge for your lost or broken remote. Give each of these methods a try and find the one that works best for you.

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