How To Watch Kyknet Without Dstv

Since its establishment, kykNET has grown to be one of the most extensively watched Afrikaans language channels in South Africa. Unfortunately, access to kykNET has long been limited to those who have subscription to DStv satellite television services. However, with the rise of modern technology, there are now several other channels to access kykNET without DStv subscription.

  1. Watch Kyknet on Showmax
  2. Stream Kyknet from YouTube TV
  3. Watch Kyknet on TelkomOne
    1. Conclusion

Watch Kyknet on Showmax

Showmax has partnered with kykNET to bring premium Afrikaans content to South Africans even without DStv subscriptions. Subscribers can access kykNET shows and movies through Showmax with live streams as well as catch-ups.

Stream Kyknet from YouTube TV

YouTube TV is now available in the USA and allows subscribers to stream several TV channels, including kykNET. If you want to stream kykNET through YouTube TV, sign up for the service, get a VPN and connect to the USA. Once you set everything up successfully, simply log in to YouTube TV and enjoy kykNET shows.

Watch Kyknet on TelkomOne

TelkomOne is a South African streaming service like Netflix, offering several shows and live TV streaming. Apart from ZEE5 and BBC Earth, TelkomOne also streams kykNET live with their generous trial offer. To watch kykNET without DStv, simply sign up on TelkomOne and enjoy their shows.


You don’t have to be tied to DStv for access to kykNET anymore. With these new streaming options, you can watch your favorite Afrikaans shows, live sports events, and movies without any problem. Make sure you test out the different options and choose the one that works best for you.

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